( Content ) The foundation of SEO ranking

Content writing  or Content creation both mean the same and are known by different names in different industries. However, Content is the king, a proven and renowned saying all over the internet industry and yes it is considered to be the supreme practice that we initiate in digital marketing. We all know writing is the simplest means to understand the usability and probability of anything from a small pen to a big printer – everything can be defined by writing. 

Although, writing depends on language, spelling, grammar, idea generation, word selection, and writing technique. However, internet writing or content writing requires a few more elements to boom over the internet or to come in the first section of your search engines; let us discuss what is that and what is content writing.

What is Content writing?

Content writing is the process where you generate ideas on how to engage customers on your site because it is never possible without discussion or writing. Yes, you would have to learn and concern these elements before writing a paragraph or copy writing for your website.

Prime types of Content writing:-

Web Content Writing can be divided into two parts: 

  • Content writing
  • Copy writing

How to get your content on the first page of Google? 

No, I am not joking – you can see your content on the first page of Google with the right strategy only. Since Google is not human. So, you would have to be a robot in writing?—No, if you are thinking you will have to become AI for coming on the first page of Google. However, surely you will have to learn the Google policy for that. 

If you want to start writing for your website or want to grow writing skill for internet publication, you would have to learn some key points that would help you in performing efficiently.  Writing on the internet is not an easy and simple task as you were writing in your school days, or was writing with the editorial team of a newspaper since internet writing is a significant part of digital marketing and that’s need you to put marketing strategy for being read by readers. So, these are some pointers you have to follow for efficient writing.

Some Google Policies are-

  • User Engagement

The prime responsibility as writer you have to bind your reader into writing – that requires creativity, deep knowledge of the topic, which also includes cons and pros of the subject.

  • Readability

Readability is the aspect that can be understood as easiness, easy to read. So, a content writer who wants to write for blogging or for web pages, he should try to write in the simplest manner that can be read by a child too since he/she isn’t who is going to read his/her content after publishing on the internet – the internet is the Mass communication channel. 

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is another point that should be considered before writing as a content writer. Since, it is the first pillar or ethic of web content writing; yes, content writers should not copy someone’s content on their web-pages whether he/she will not get the result of their writing anymore.

  • Technical Part

You would have to learn what to add in your writing to get rank within the first ten pages of Google. Yes, you would have to use keywords, Meta tags and other things too.

Wrapping up

This blog is a brief introduction with beneficial key points for copy writing and content writing that a writer should have to concern before opening WordPad for internet writing. However, if you are new and want to get someone who can write for your brand, blogs, or business; you can connect with us.

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